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  Teacher, you know, you better image on the platform of the great, good charming, hope you forever youthful, radiant, has pupils everywhere!


  Miss you, miss you teacher! For your blessing and will miss the days increasing, Momo scenes with deep feeling and blessing Ying, the good life of peace!!


  As lofty as the sky is your mind, like the mountains, like deep is your kindness, please accept my sincere wishes for the new year. Happy Teacher's Day!


  Teacher, you create a warm and loving collective, in our collective, every minute has the laughter, singing and sunshine.


  Life is ordinary, one life is hard, the knowledge is dedicated, you are the messenger of civilization, you are the gardener, I sincerely thank you, I wish you health and happiness!


  You speak of course, is so rich and varied, each chapter seemed before I opened the window, let me see a beautiful new world.


  The teacher, everyone says you are training the pillars of the motherland; I have to say, you are the pillars of the motherland. It is you, prop up the backbone of our generation!


  You speak of the class is so rich and colorful, drought seedlings are moist like a your every word, we are the moisture in your, grow into towering trees.


  The sun shines, the gardener's heart strong spring; rain moisture, peach branches bud red. Dear teacher, your teachings such as the spring breeze, like the rain, my heart forever.


  If there is no you thought in the moist, how will bloom so many beautiful soul flower ah, teachers, engineers of human soul, who will not praise you!



  You gave us a life of the ruler, so that we go every day to measure; you gave us a model behavior of the mirror, let us everywhere have an example of learning.


  Even if I Liangbinbanbai, will still call you from my heart the teacher! In this sacred and lofty words, I will always be a student who needs to be enlightened!


  The teachers take pains to my education, teachers are the fire, lit the fire of the soul of students; teachers Shiji is, under students step by step to climb.


  You use the torch of life to illuminate my way forward, along the way to have your teachings, will not be lost, along the way have your attention, just more confident and brave.


  Excluding one hard winter cold, ripe peach flow Dan, Li mature technology residues, the tree flowers were easy to difficult. Glen Shannon did not fly, the world is full of poetry, painting Poppins, world of Warcraft gold.


  If I were a poet, I would write poems with great enthusiasm and praise the broad and profound sea. And give it to you? Broad-minded profound knowledge of my teacher.


  Your thoughts, your words, full of poetry, contains the philosophy, it seems so magical Oh, in my mind, they have stirred up a number of wonderful ripples!


  Your teachings urge me to the wind and rain, my heart till blessings with you day and night. Along the way have your teachings, I have not lost the way; on the way with your attention, I can achieve the ideal!


  Because your love poured, some of the hard work, will have the magnificent peach, golden rice and wheat. I would like to thank not into a bunch of withered flowers, fragrance to your life.


  A say, the teacher is a candle, burning themselves to release the light; people say that teachers are the wings, can allow students to fly in space; some people say that teachers are the foundation, build talent building lofty high.



  Teacher is the rain, we are flowers, nourishing our; teacher is the blue sky, we are the goshawk is he let us fly; teacher is the ocean, we are the fish is he breeds us.


  The teacher is like the sea, tolerance of the ark know the wide sea; the teacher as a mountain, tolerance for size, hiking trails through, we know the tall hill, teachers and students to ingratiate themselves, soulmate, intimate noble, I wish your teacher's day happy!


  Mentor permanent mind, Shi Long difficult to leave. I wish the teacher happy happy! Happy holidays! Happiness forever! Mentor permanent mind, Shi Long difficult to leave. I wish the teacher happy happy! Happy holidays! Happiness forever!


  You are a flower, beautiful, fragrant; you still flower the flower of wisdom, the students are fascinated by you. In the teacher's day, I wish you the flower more and better, Xiangpiao miles Ezawa, china!


  You are not actors, but to attract the attention of our hunger and thirst; you are not a singer, but let the knowledge springs Ding Dong sounds, sing charming songs; you are not a sculptor, shaping the soul of a batch of young people.


  Who is the dew all over the earth? Who is the Seedling Nurturing hard? Is your teacher, and you are a great gardener! Look at this land full of flowers, which one of your efforts, which one of your smile!


  There is a teacher's day, simple greetings to my favorite teacher. I wish you a happy holiday, everything is smooth, good health, family happiness, and to all over the world. All your children all love you. SMS daquan.


  De Jong world, emotional ties to their homeland. The post Qin Qin Qinye Gongqin dedication, never ground for nature; patriotic love the school of love education, love is the source of all! Today is your festival, I would like to say to you: Thank you, teacher!


  On the journey of life you have kindled the light of hope for me to enrich my mind, add my wisdom. I would like to wish you like green tea moisture dry throat, like candles in your office, like a scent of flowers for you!


  Coaxing, teaching is a teacher。


  Slice speech, I division also。


  A day for the teacher, lifelong for father。


  The selfless dedication, a kid。







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